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  • Pentest-as-a-Service
  • Select the best ethical hackers
  • For Any Pentest Project
  • Delivery in A Cloud Portal
Introducing PentestHero Marketplace

Work with the Best Pentesters for every project

You set the scope, we match you to a pentester that meets those needs. Our network allows us to seamlessly match you to experts in frameworks, technology, and compliance norms, so you can choose from the best talent pool for your pentest. 

Web & Mobile Applications

Integrate pentesting into Agile dev cycles with pentests & code review.

  • Websites
  • Web-applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Test-environments

Web Applications →

Network & Infrastructure

Thoroughly pentest assets with compliance, uptime, and ToS needs taken into account.

  • Public Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • Networks
  • Client Workstations

Network & Infrastructure  →

IoT and Smart Devices

Ensure the safety and compliance of devices across networks & Internet of Things.

  • IoT Devices
  • Hardware
  • BYOD
  • Smart Devices

IoT & Smart Devices →

API and Connections

Test connections across your application and partners to ensure secure API.

  • Multi-Endpoint
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

API & Connections →

Your Partner in Cybersecurity

Organizations, from small to large, across industries, and across continents, use the PentestHero Marketplace to improve their cybersecurity. 


One Portal, All the Best Pentesters

PentestHero works with a network of certified and trusted ethical hackers and pentest teams that we’ve individually picked and vetted. When you request a pentest, we’ll match you to the best pentest teams to meet your needs.


Get started with simple, schedulable, & cloud-based Pentest-as-a-Service by requesting a pentest. From there, you’ll have the option to select one of our pentest partners. Everything you add to the portal will stay there, so you can retest the same assets, re-use the same pentesters, or choose a different pentester from our marketplace for each new assessment.

Work with the best Ethical Hackers

Choose from a selection of pentest firms with the surety that every pentester is selected for skill, reliability, and a good project match. We match you to hackers that meet your specific needs, which means we can help you meet any pentesting requirement – from development security to audit compliance like PCI, HIPAA, ISO27002, SOC-2, and much more.

All Results in Your Pentest Portal

Get more from every pentest, with results delivered in a secure cloud dashboard, complete with metrics, direct communication with pentesters, and retest options. We make it easy to integrate pentesting into Agile, Dev Ops, and development, with pentest-as-a-service delivered to a secure cloud portal, complete with findings as tickets, and metrics to offer insights into your cybersecurity profile.   


What our customers say

“Over the last 3 years, PentestHero has proven to be an ideal pentest partner. Mike translates technical data into terms management can understand while including how-to-fix and technical information. We’re also very happy with the platform, where we can manage reports, vulnerabilities, and relevant information in one place.”

Ronald Driehuis

Manager Auditservices, Inergy

“It was great working with PentestHero. Mike knows his business and was able to provide us with expertise for our DigiD pentest as well as extra insight to help us pass our audit.”


Erik Toet

CTO, Nexus

On-demand pentesting for every scenario

Work with PentestHero and take advantage of having top pentest firms available, on-demand, with results from every test delivered in the same secure cloud platform for easy insights and tracking.   

Any questions?

We are here to help

What is a Pentest-as-a-Service

Pentest-as-a-Service combines human expertise and insight with the convenience of cloud apps and findings-as-tickets. We organize pentests in our cloud platform, Cyver Core, and deliver pentest reports with tickets, so developers and compliance officers can remediate right away. Plus, we offer free insight tooling, so you can see remediation times, risk profiles, and even areas of risk.

When Can You Start?

In most cases, you can start your pentest within 2 weeks. In some cases, a pentester can finalize and deliver your pentest during that time. However, pentest duration depends on the scope of the pentest, your assets, and environments, and the team you're working with.

PentestHero leverages a network of pentesters, allowing us to quicly scale to meet demand. When you need expert pentesters, we can help, and quickly. If you want a quote based on your specific needs and assets, book a demo now for a one-on-one conversation.

How Much Do You Charge for a Pentest?

PentestHero uses a credit system to charge a flat rate for our pentests. That means costs are always transparent and you always know what you're paying for, no matter which pentest firm you work with. Currently, we charge €329 per pentest credit. Pentests range from 2 credits for a simple 1-website test to well over 40 credits for a large and complex system. Visit our pricing page for more information. 

What Does the Platform Look Like?

Visit our How it Works page to see PentestHero in action. Or, schedule a demo to see it live. Our platform, PentestHero Core, allows you to onboard your full team, assign responsibilities, and see findings results in real time. When your pentester delivers the report, you can export it to a PDF or process it as tickets, linked to tooling like Jira, for faster remediation.

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